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Some of its services include outpatient rehab, drug addiction treatment, addiction therapy, and drug detox, in addition to counseling. The center’s primary treatment option is Suboxone, a government-controlled medication that lowers the risk of drug dependency. NYC Addiction Resources provides support for individuals battling addiction and substance use disorders. They offer a wide range of resources, such as information on drug and alcohol programs, support groups, interventions, and other tools and techniques to help put you on the path to recovery. This behavioral health treatment center offers both substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis treatment for Pennsylvania residents with co-occurring mental health disorders.

How long is drug rehab?

addiction rehabilitation center

Renaissance Recovery treats drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and dual diagnoses. Hazelden combines expert medical care, 12-step mutual support practices, evidence-based treatment practices, and research-informed approaches in a respectful and compassionate environment. StartYourRecovery.org addiction rehabilitation center provides facility information using publicly available data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and cannot independently verify the data. StartYourRecovery.org does not guarantee the quality of care or results of working with any provider or treatment facility.

addiction rehabilitation center

Do Rehab Centers in New York Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Cocaine is an addictive drug that poses dangerous long-term effects when abused. If you’re wondering what your behavioral health benefits are in the state of New York, fill in our form below. While private pay is an option, many people find their insurance actually covers at least a portion of their treatment, depending on their individual policies and needs. Finding a rehab program that directly matches your needs will afford you the greatest opportunity to enter lasting recovery. Only 15 minutes from Colorado Springs and 60 miles from Denver, The Recovery Village balances medical support with counseling and recreational therapies in a beautiful scenic setting. Elevate’s facility is located on a ranch-style property next to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

  • Founded in 1967, Reality House Inc. is a community based nonprofit alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation center serving clients in the New York area.
  • Friendship House is an 80-bed treatment facility that offers residential care for up to six months.
  • Even after you’ve completed initial treatment, ongoing treatment and support can help prevent a relapse.
  • With over 60 years of experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction, this rehab center recognizes that addiction often requires long-term management.
  • As one of the best in Long Island, they offer a person-centered To alcohol and drug rehab programming.

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost in New York

Established in 1967, Anchor House is a faith-based intensive residential treatment facility that has been helping individuals in the community of Brooklyn and its surrounding areas. It offers a wide range of services, such as family support, mentoring program, psychotherapy, community service, and relapse prevention. Aside from therapeutic interventions and groups, it also provides spiritual and nonclinical workshops, counseling, and workgroups. In addition, Anchor House collaborates with various agencies, including the Administration for Children Services, law enforcement agencies, and DYFS. Brooklyn Adult & Teen Challenge is a rehabilitation center that serves clients in Brooklyn.

Our goal is to help people find the best addiction treatment program that suits their individual needs whether that be close to home, out-of-state, or at a facility with specific program offerings. Learn more about the best rehab centers in the U.S. and the programs they offer by contacting a treatment specialist today. Yes, some rehab facilities may offer a range of specialized treatment programs for people with unique needs. People with alcohol or opioid addiction can access medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which involves medications to reduce cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms.

addiction rehabilitation center

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  • Treatment options available at these programs may include evidence-based services such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), detox, counseling, and aftercare services.
  • Many, though not all, self-help support groups use the 12-step model first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • A half-day Family Education Program provides education about substance abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, detox, and treatment options, including medication-assisted treatment.

How Many People in Texas Struggle With Drug & Alcohol Addiction?